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Case Study

Mid-Sized Brokerage

"Having on-line, real-time access to employee eligibility and benefit enrollment information has made my job - and that of our clients' HR departments - much easier. With up-to-date and accurate data, we are able to provide world-class service to our clients. If you're looking for an answer to that inevitable question, 'what have you done for me lately?'- look no further than BCC."-Broker Executive
Agency Profile

Employee benefits/property &casualty or regional bank-owned agency
$1-10 million annual revenues
Multiple sales offices
5-10 producers
Agency Environment

Researching technology and services companies to develop strategy
Target market: mid-size employers (50-300+ lives)
Preferred medical and ancillary carrier relationships
Fragmented outsourcing of web tools, FSA and COBRA services
The BCC Solution

Results Include:
Robust Product Packaging
BCC created a robust package with medical and non-medical carrier products with sponsor carrier pricing.
Marketing & Service Strategy
Formed and implemented a comprehensive marketing and service strategy via the "private-labeled" agency web portal.
One-Stop Shop Service
Eliminated the headache of multi-vendor management with a single-source solution for paper/online enrollment, consolidated billing, COBRA, FSA.
Carrier Connectivity
Installed eligibility and premium connectivity with preferred medical carriers so that data flowed quickly and efficiently, also creating significant soft-dollar savings for HR.
Agency Benefits

Differentiation - BCC services become value-added, differentiating tools that also help address clients' need for technological solutions

Increase Sales Opportunities - offering more solutions and product at renewal, tandem selling; Sponsor carrier pricing; created "private label" product

Retention - offering more services to achieve ER Entanglement, enhances client relationships

Increased Customer Service Capabilities - improved EE access through self-serve tools

Profitability - packaging approach encourages multiple product line sales, using single outsource provider for FSA, COBRA, enrollment, billing, etc. improved margins, expanded systems offered to clients, greater compliance protection
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