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Case Study

National Association

"We worked with a national brokerage firm for 2 years to develop an exclusive and meaningful benefits program for our association employer members. Efforts failed due to an emphasis on product and rates rather than services and technology. BCC provided a unique packaging opportunity not otherwise available in the market. Working collaboratively with a network of sponsor and trading carrier partners, BCC greatly impacted the success of our initiative with a focus on administration and turnkey technology." - Vice President HR
Association Profile

960 employer association, members ranging in size between 2-2500 employees
Exclusive broker representation
Failure to formulate a traditional association or multiple employer trust program
Association Environment

To provide a comprehensive employee benefits program for ALL member companies.
To strengthen the association by providing additional value to it's members.
The BCC Solution

Results Include:
Innovative Private-Label Strategy
BCC and Broker partner collaborated to create a "private label" strategy of select insurance carriers, coverages and system connectivity.
Package Components
Extensive carrier and coverage choices
3 employer size tiers of benefit, technology and services options
Preferred Carriers: Medical, Dental, Vision, Non-Contributory/ Contributory Life, LTD
Paper Enrollment or BenXcel Suite options
COBRA, FSA Administration
Consolidated Billing
Sponsor Carrier pricing
Case-specific underwriting
Association Benefits

Differentiation - The program is unique, helps establish the association in a positive position with its members, and enhances broker value.

Program is difficult to duplicate, competitive advantage.

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